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 Deaf Interpreters

Deaf Interpreter

Are you looking for an ASL Interpreter in your area?

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and National Deaf Interpreters (NDI) are working with many institutions, organizations, and businesses using remote work and distance learning in response to COVID-19. A growing number of live press briefings take place online, with no access. Government entities are recognizing the importance of including ASL translation in their digital content. This has an influence on deaf and hard-of-hearing people's access.

There is currently no method to find deaf interpreters with a video studio or platform interpreting experience, much alone live emergency press briefings.

To solve this, the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and the National Deaf Interpreters (NDI) are collaborating to create a public directory of interpreters. This ongoing directory will be made available on the internet for local, state, and national entities to use.

A Deaf Interpreter is a professional who interprets, translates, and transliterates American Sign Language and other visual and tactual communication modes used by Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and Deaf-Blind people. The Deaf Interpreter, as a Deaf person, has a unique set of formative linguistic, cultural, and life experiences that enable nuanced comprehension and interaction in a wide range of visual language and communication forms influenced by region, culture, age, literacy, education, class, and physical, cognitive, and mental health. 

These experiences, together with professional training, enable the Deaf interpreter to communicate effectively in all types of interpreted exchanges, both ordinary and high-risk. According to NCIEC research, using a Deaf Interpreter allows for a higher degree of communication in numerous scenarios.

Find a Certified Deaf Interpreter using the Deaf Interpreters Directory List

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